Upcoming Events

    • 8 Jun 2022
    • 6:00 PM - 8:00 PM
    • WISH PARK SHELTER, 2602 Westlane Rd, Indianapolis, IN 46268
    • 183

    In Person Networking Event!!!!

    Are you ready to socialize and be around people?  Are you tired of only interacting with other Agilists via Zoom?  Come one, Come all to the Indy Northside for our first IN PERSON networking event since March 2020!!!

    Bring a friend and enjoy dinner and mingling.  Catch up on where all your local acquaintances are now working.  Get coaching advice, give coaching advice, look for a job, look for people to hire, or just have fun!


    We are not planning a speaker for this event.  We want the event to be all about you reconnecting with each other.  We will have sticky notes and paper so that if you want to setup a table to talk about a specific topic, you will be able to do so.  Hang a sign that says "Looking for a job!" or "Need Coaching Advice on How to Get More Value from a Planning Session" or whatever your need is and connect!


    This event will be held at WISH Park, 2602 Westlane Rd, Indianapolis, IN 46268, near 71st and Michigan Rd.  To enter the park, turn East off of Michigan Rd onto 71st Street/Westlane Rd.  The park is 0.3 miles East of Michigan Street on the left.

    In case of rain, our backup location will be at the  E-gineering Office: 8415 Allison Pointe Blvd, Indianapolis, IN 46250

Past Events

11 May 2022 May 11, 2022 (Virtual): Failure to Communicate with Woody Zuill
13 Apr 2022 April 13, 2022 (Virtual): How to Make Agile Tangible for Executives w/Dennis Stevens
9 Mar 2022 March 9, 2022 (Virtual): Old Dog New Tricks (with Bob Stephan)
9 Feb 2022 February 9, 2022 (Virtual): Bring Your Own Virtual Retro Open Space (presented by YOU!)
12 Jan 2022 January 12, 2022 (Virtual): Enterprise Agility (with Joseph Barjis)
10 Nov 2021 November 10, 2021 (Virtual): What Would You Do? (with Scott Cunningham)
13 Oct 2021 October 13, 2021 (Virtual): Guiding Your Team to Technical Excellence (with Fadi Stephan)
8 Sep 2021 September 8, 2021 (Virtual): Using Azure DevOps (ADO) to enable state-of-the-art Agile delivery (with Chris Seitz)
14 Jul 2021 July 14, 2021 (Virtual): 4 Practices Every Agile Developer Should Know (with Bill Fairfield)
9 Jun 2021 June 9, 2021 (Virtual): Powerful Activities (with Damon Poole)
12 May 2021 May 12, 2021 (Virtual): Andon Cords & Driving a Culture of Experimentation (with Zack Ayers)
14 Apr 2021 April 14, 2021 (Virtual): Explore the intersection of Leadership, Management, and Innovation (with Jon Jorgensen)
10 Mar 2021 March 10, 2021 (Virtual): Making Sense of the Messy Middle: the gap between business goals and delivery teams (with Chris Shinkle)
10 Feb 2021 February 10, 2021 (Virtual): Why Agile Transformation Fails (with Mike Cottmeyer)
9 Dec 2020 December 9, 2020 (Virtual): An Overview of the Scrum Guide Changes Announced on November 18th
11 Nov 2020 November 11, 2020 (Virtual): You have an Agile Certification(s), now what? with Shenà Newman
20 Oct 2020 October 20, 2020 (Virtual): Applying Flow in Kanban with Ryan Ripley
14 Oct 2020 October 14, 2020 (Virtual): HOW TO AVOID MANAGING YOUR AGILE PROJECT INTO A CORNER W/Dr. Charles Suscheck
15 Sep 2020 September 15, 2020 (Virtual): Want to Super Charge Your Career? Learn to Write w/Jake Miller
8 Sep 2020 September 8, 2020 (Virtual): Up for Adoption: A mini-workshop based on the Agile Fluency® Game w/ Ahmed Avais and Jim York
18 Aug 2020 Aug 18, 2020 (Virtual): Creating Boundaries, Practicing Curiosity, and Making Requests w/Jessica Katz
12 Aug 2020 Aug 12, 2020 (Virtual): A profound journey of an ornate Scrum Team w/Dimple Shah
21 Jul 2020 July 21, 2020 (Virtual): Dear Nexus, You Scaled My Scrum w/Laura Hansen
8 Jul 2020 July 8, 2020 (Virtual): Shifting Culture Through Leadership Agility w/Aaron Kopel
16 Jun 2020 June 16, 2020 (Virtual): Creating Boundaries, Practicing Curiosity, and Making Requests w/Jessica Katz
10 Jun 2020 June 10, 2020 (Virtual): Fast, #NoWaste Agile Estimating for Remote Teams w/Ron Lichty
19 May 2020 May 19, 2020 (Virtual): Metrics That Matter: Moving From Easy to Impactful w/ Joel Tosi
13 May 2020 May 13, 2020 (Virtual): Let Me Tell You A Story: The Power of Storytelling in Agile Coaching w/ Mark Cruth
1 May 2020 Annual Conference 2020 - CANCELED
21 Apr 2020 April 21, 2020 (Virtual): Live from Indy It's Saturday Night - The Agility of Saturday Night Live! w/ John Krewson
8 Apr 2020 April 2020 (Virtual) Monthly Meetup: Fixing Your Scrum: Practical Solutions to Common Scrum Problems with Liberating Structures w/ Ryan Ripley & Todd Miller
17 Mar 2020 CANCELED: March 2020 (Downtown) Monthly Meetup: People ≠ Resources: Resource thinking may be stifling your success w/ Sydney Johnson & Alex Schick
11 Mar 2020 March 2020 (Northside) Monthly Meetup:Principles for Empowered Product Teams w/ David Mathew
18 Feb 2020 February 2020 (Downtown) Monthly Meetup: How to Estimate While Being Chased by Rhinoceros w/James Smith
12 Feb 2020 CANCELED: February 2020 (Northside) Monthly Meetup: Fixing Your Scrum: Practical Solutions to Common Scrum Problems with Liberating Structures w/ Ryan Ripley
21 Jan 2020 AgileIndy Monthly Meetup (Downtown): CK Taneja
8 Jan 2020 January 2020 (Northside) Relentless Improvement – Deliver and Celebrate w/ Rita Breen
11 Dec 2019 December 2019 (Downtown) - Kanban Christmas w/ Marcy Elhamidi
13 Nov 2019 November (Northside) Discover Your DISC w/ Toyna T’ere Webb-Wallace
15 Oct 2019 Scrum Team Tune-up w/ Scott Cunningham
9 Oct 2019 Hire Quality Technical Personnel Quickly w/ Matt Wuertz

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