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  • January 10, 2024 (Virtual): The Everyday Magic of Ensemble Working w/Jon Fazzaro

January 10, 2024 (Virtual): The Everyday Magic of Ensemble Working w/Jon Fazzaro

  • 10 Jan 2024
  • 6:00 PM - 7:30 PM
  • Virtual


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The Everyday Magic of Ensemble Working

“All the brilliant minds working together on the same thing, at the same time, in the same space, and at the same computer.”

"For an idea to go from your head into the computer it MUST go through someone else's hands."

We used to call this Mob Programming. But it’s not just for programming anymore! This hyper-collaborative approach will elevate any knowledge work task you do.

Ensemble working takes some getting used to. But once you adjust, you'll see fewer wasteful handoffs and delays. You and your coworkers will feel more connected. And you'll produce higher quality work.

Come learn this new way of working, for whatever kind of work you do. You'll see what actually makes a team productive. You'll hear stories and examples from teams I've worked with over the years. And you'll even get some hands-on practice, so you can bring it back to your own team with confidence.

Jon Fazzaro's Bio

Jon helps people make software cheaper and safer to change. He is a Full-Stack Agility Coach, and has been a software professional for over twenty years. Jon holds a few certifications, but prefers books. *The Coaching Habit*, *When Will it be Done*, and *Test-Driven Development by Example* are a few that keep coming in handy.

These days, he is consulting and shipping better software sooner with Industrial Logic. As far as you know, you can find the rest of the story at jonfazzaro.omg.lol  


  • 6:00pm: Welcome
  • 6:15-7:15pm: Featured Speaker
  • 7:15 -7:30 pm: Questions & Wrap-up

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