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  • 2024-06-12 (Virtual): Agile & Data Science: Can They Coexist? w/Alyssa Batula

2024-06-12 (Virtual): Agile & Data Science: Can They Coexist? w/Alyssa Batula

  • 12 Jun 2024
  • 6:00 PM - 7:30 PM
  • Virtual
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Agile & Data Science: Can They Coexist?

Agile methodologies and data science traditionally have a complex relationship due to their inherently different approaches to project management and execution. Data scientists often perceive Agile frameworks as overly restrictive and unsuited to the exploratory and iterative nature of their work, which frequently involves uncertain outcomes and fluid timelines. Conversely, Agile practitioners such as scrum masters and product owners face challenges in integrating data science projects into the structured Agile timelines and deliverables. However, despite these challenges, integrating Agile principles with data science processes can yield substantial benefits, enhancing productivity and alignment within cross-functional teams. This presentation will explore effective strategies for reconciling these differences and fostering a productive partnership between data science and Agile practices. Drawing on a wealth of real-world experiences and case studies from various professionals in the field, the session will offer practical tips and highlight common pitfalls to avoid, providing attendees with actionable insights for improving collaboration and outcomes in their own organizations.

Alyssa Batula's Bio

Alyssa is a Data Scientist at Cox Automotive with a background including electrical engineering, programming, and machine learning. Her experience working on both engineering teams and data science teams has given her unique experiences with the Agile framework. She has seen it working as intended with a team of engineers, and has also experienced the growing pains of learning how to make it work for a team of data scientists.


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