2016 AgileIndy Conference


Robert C. (Uncle Bob) Martin

"Software Professionalism and the Art of Saying No"

Professionals are partners, not laborers. They know how and when to say no. They understand that the business needs and wants strong technical leadership; and that sometimes means pushing back on unrealistic schedules and features. In this talk, Uncle Bob Martin will address what it means for software developers to become professional craftsmen, and the relationship that implies with their employers and the business.



Amitai Schlair

"Agile in 3 Minutes: The Simplest Podcast That Could Possibly Work"

A micropodcast about doing business effectively. Make risks visible early, make informed decisions often, deliver value early and often.

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Cindy Morse

"Making Agile Matter"

At Salesforce Marketing Cloud we’ve developed market leading products for over 14 years but we didn’t always have a rhyme to the reason. Agile is becoming our rhyme. The reason keeps growing. I’ll spend a few minutes talking about the wins Agile has brought us and how we continue to transform.


William Baxter

"Managing a Global UX Vision in an Agile Environment"

How do you incorporate global UX in an Agile environment? This talk offers three alternative approaches.

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Markus Silpala

"Smart People Aren’t Enough: How Teams Do It Differently – and Better"

It helps to have great INDIVIDUALS on a team. Many orgs stop there and don’t make for the INTERACTIONS that lead to great results. Come hear about the difference.

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"Using Game Thinking to Build Products that Delight Customers"

Building great products requires focusing on your users. I will share how we are using game theory to envision our product as a game, and apply gaming theories about the players’ journey to our products. I will share why considering long term user engagement from discovery to mastery is critical to delighting the customer.


Breakout Sessions

William Baxter

"Agile & Lean Principles at the Portfolio Level – Case Study & Workshop"

This case study & workshop provides practical ideas and insights in using portfolio kanban to coordinate multiple product lines.

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Faye Thompson

"Agile BAs Think Like Freaks"

Employers increasingly depend on Business Analysts to act as change agents. “Think Like a Freak”, authors Levitt and Dubner provide a blueprint for critical thinking and a new approach to problem-solving. Fans of the “Freaknomics” series will enjoy learning how we can become more inquisitive, investigative and thorough.


Dan Rice

"Agile Portfolio Management – Build the right things"

Traditional portfolio management approaches produce risky plans that delay time to market. Agile portfolio management strategies are adaptive focusing on value, incremental funding, continuous planning and speed to market. Learn how to apply these strategies that will position you to be the disruptor.

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"Agility: Being vs. Doing"

So many companies adopt the ceremonies of Scrum and begin to think they are Agile. Just DOING Scrum is a positive, but extremely fragile, step toward Agility. Attendees of this session will discuss what Agility really is and how to start walking a long-term sustainable path to BEING Agile.

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Allen Bennett

"Becoming a Creative Product Owner"

As the product owner you must unleash the creativity in your team to create truly extraordinary products in extraordinary ways. This presentation will examine the tools that will help the product owner to create like Leonardo Di Vinci, innovate like Thomas Edison and have the entrepreneurial vision of Steve Jobs.

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Dan Neumann

"Cognitive Bias – Exploring what goes on between your ears"

Our brains will trick us. Illusory Superiority, Loss Aversion, Anchoring, and more. Explore cognitive bias and what you can do about them.

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Diane Zajac-Woodie

"How Agile Helped a Business Analyst Discover Her Real Value"

By shifting their focus & identifying the real needs of their teams & projects, BAs can successfully transition to & redefine the value they provide to agile teams.

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Daniel GreenLeaf

"How to Make Work Suck Less with Agile"

Fun & Interactive session to learn how to make Mondays worth celebrating.

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Markus Silpala

"Making Infra as Awesome as Agile Software"

Awesome agile development teams have known for years what TDD and collaboration can do for their performance and their quality of life. The DevOps movement and its tooling can bring that to infra teams as well.

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Tim Ottinger

"Mind the Tricky 11/12ths"

How to deal with the trickiest and most neglected part of development work… the thinking!


Chris Daily

Tana Linback

"Self-Organizing in a Command and Control World"

Self-organization is a core concept in the agile principles but can be hard to embrace in traditional command and control environments. We will experience what self-organization is, how it can help your team, and how you can experiment with self-organization strategies in a safe place.

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Amitai Schlair

"Shoestring Agility in a Velcro Organization"

At a big bank, our tiny team’s disciplined creativity managed risk, delivered value, and earned precious trust. Hear how you can do it too.

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Michael Rieser

"Technical Excellence Doesn’t Just Happen – Igniting a Craftsmanship Culture"

Technical excellence demands help from all. Hear how we partnered as coaches and learn how to turnaround your organization’s tech practices.

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David Horowitz

"The 7 Secrets of Highly Effective Retrospectives"

Are your retrospectives effective, every single time? If not, this session is for you! Learn the best ways to level-up your retros.


Ryan Ripley

"The Business of Agile: Better, Faster, Cheaper"

A discussion on how leaders can show the benefits gained from an agile transformation as their teams deliver “better, faster, and cheaper”.


Dave Saboe

"The Five ScrumMasters You’ll Meet in Hell"

In this interactive session, meet 5 types of ScrumMasters that can bring down a team, understand the impacts, and what you can do about it.

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