2015 Conference

2015 AgileIndy Conference




Mike Cottmeyer

Removing Impediments to Large Scale Agile Adoption



Chris Shinkle

You Can't Manage What You Can't See
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Aaron Kopel

Successful Team Formation


Hala Saleh

My Agile is Better Than Your Agile
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Jason Dukes

Changing Your Accountability Perspectives


Maria Matarelli

Ineffective Leadership
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Breakout Speakers

Sandi Keller
I Forecasted All the Projects for the Year,  How Can Agile Help Me Get Them Done?
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Eric Landes @ericlandes
Stop Gambling with Quality (How to Create User Stories and Build Acceptance Tests)
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Scott Ford @mscottford
Old Code, New Tricks

Prasanth Nair & Richard Valde
Evolving Agile shops to learning organizations

Matt Block @devblock
Core Agility Workout!
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Aakash Srinivasan @aakashkvs
Planning Agile Releases - Building a Path to Certainty in an Uncertain World
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Faye Thompson @agileFaye
Who Are We Building This For, Anyway?

Peter Kananen @pkananen
Cars, Trains and Kanban: How to Move Faster

Christian Vos
The Real Value of a Definition of Done
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Markus Silpala @msilpala
The App Developer’s Guide to Success with DevOps Tooling
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Anu Smalley @agilemethis
Product Owner Must "BE's"
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John Krewson @johnkrewson
Transforming Leaders
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Ryan Ripley @ryanripley
HELP!!! The Scrum Master IS the Impediment!
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Dan Neumann & Susan DiFabio @danrneumann
Building Coaching Through a Mentorship Program
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Charles Suscheck
What Are They Really Saying: Reading Body Language
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