2018 AgileIndy Conference - May 11, 2018 - JW Mariot, Indianapolis

Conference Speakers

Agileindy is proud to introduce its lineup of speakers for the 2018 conference. We invite you to browse our list of experts.

Keynote Speakers

Daniel Mezick

Coaching Agile and organizational change for over 12 years, Daniel Mezick is also an author and a keynote speaker at conferences worldwide. He is the originator of the OpenSpace Agility method and the author of THE CULTURE GAME: TOOLS FOR THE AGILE MANAGER. Learn more and reach him at DanielMezick.com.



Robert Tipton

Bob Tipton believes fervently in the VAST goodness of humanity (a few aberrations aside), and seeks to drive positive, powerful energy everywhere he goes. He is the founder and CEO of Team Tipton (an organizational transformation firm). Bob is a high-energy, innovative and insightful transformational change architect, leadership facilitator, keynote speaker, and author. His passion radiates in helping individuals, groups, and entire organizations reach for and achieve exceptional outcomes, and in changing the world—one relationship at a time.



Breakout Speakers

Linda Podder

Linda Podder is an experienced Scrum Master at Hyland Software. She loves encouraging her teams through celebrating exploration, failures, and successes. She is passionate about engineering practices and is excited to help organize the Women in Agile 2018 Conference.



Tanner Wortham

Tanner is a Silicon Valley agile coach and has been accused that his military training has molded him into a rigid, unmoving agilist. Nothing could be further from the truth. What civilians call agile, the Corps calls leading Marines, and it’s through his experiences as a Marine that he derives most of his insights.



Darren Terrell

Darren Terrell is the vice president of Enterprise Agile Coaching at Project Brilliant. He helps organizations and their leadership make the transformation to higher agility. Darren coaches across the enterprise, including teams and technical practices. He is a board member of Agileindy and Agile Cincinnati.



Robert Kirkman

Robert Kirkman is a Scrum Coach and Scrum Master. He as acted as a Product Owner and Transformation Lead, supporting teams that have had a $1 billion company impact. Utilizing a Coach Approach, Robert is a catalyst for creating clarity as he helps people work through selecting personal and team options.


Ram Santhanam

Ram Santhanam is an Agile Practitioner, Trainer, Coach, and DevOps Consultant. He leads transformations within Discover.


Brendan Wovchko

Brendan began using Kanban in 2011 and has since become one of the most sought-after Kanban trainers in the U.S. Brendan is known for his obsession with finding the simplest way to teach Kanban. Today, he focuses on mentoring his growing team of trainers at HUGE IO in Nashville.



Ryan Ripley

A Professional Scrum Trainer with Scrum.org, Ryan Ripley has experience as a software developer, manager, director, and ScrumMaster. Ryan is committed to helping teams break the cycle of bad Scrum so they can deliver valuable software that delights their customers.



Kim Brainard

Kim is the founder of Agile Brain, a training and consultant company whose training portfolio provides an array of courses that focus on brain-based learning. We want to train others based on how they learn, not how we learn. Agile Brain’s ultimate purpose is to enhance the knowledge, skills, and abilities of individuals so that they can increase their performance.



Chris Shinkle

Chris Shinkle is a practitioner and maker. He is a thought leader and continually initiates new ideas and continuous improvement at SEP. His experience comes from building products with many large clients in a variety of industries: aerospace, medical, healthcare, finance, etc. He introduced and guided SEPʼs adoption of Agile software development practices in 2004 followed by Lean and Kanban in 2007. As SEPʼs Director of Innovation, Chris leverages many community ideas helping SEP engineers and clients delivery better products. Chris speaks at conferences across the United States promoting Agile, Lean/Kanban, Product Management, and Design Thinking. Chris was an inaugural members of Indiana’s Techpoint Tech 25.



Kim Brainard

Kim is the founder of Agile Brain, a training and consultant company whose training portfolio provides an array of courses that focus on brain-based learning. We want to train others based on how they learn, not how we learn. Agile Brain’s ultimate purpose is to enhance the knowledge, skills, and abilities of individuals so that they can increase their performance.



Robert Annis

Robert was one of the 2017 Agileindy keynote speakers. He is also author of the MACO framework and the proud brand ambassador to the marine conservation charity, Project AWARE. When not writing mildly interesting bio’s for speaking events, he can be found coaching organizations from Poland to Massachusetts.



Melissa Boggs

Since 2001, Melissa has embraced experiences in leadership, business, and product development. Her experience with applying agile principles spans executive teams, software teams, marketers, and educators in multiple domains. Operating at the intersection of culture and agility, Melissa blends her business background and education with an intuitive coaching sense to help clients discover new paths and opportunities. She leverages facilitation techniques, lessons from improv, and deep listening to “lower the water line” of the culture iceberg.



Stacia Viscardi

Stacia Viscardi is a Business Agility Coach and Certified Scrum Trainer. In 2006, she founded AgileEvolution to help other companies across the globe to leverage agile values and principles for greater business agility. Outside of work, she enjoys learning dressage.



M. Scott Ford

Scott is the Chief Code Whisperer at Corgibytes, a team dedicated to modernizing existing codebases. Scott’s love of software restoration and remodeling leads him to projects where an existing codebase needs improvement.



Jessica Long

Jess Long is an Enterprise Agile Coach at Barclays based in Wilmington, DE. She is also a writer, speaker and mother with a passion for driving meaningful stories across multiple iterations in all facets of life. Transforming Corporate America and living to tell about it is no small feat.



John Coleman

John Coleman is a professional Scrum and Scrum with Kanban trainer via Scrum.org. He is a LeSS Friendly Scrum Trainer via less.works and a member of the #MarshallGoldsmithLead60 group. John teaches and mentors executives, consultants and agility chefs on true agility.



Patrick Bogan

Patrick started out writing COBOL and soon became proficient at creating 100-page requirement documents and beautiful project plans. While CIO at Fuzion Analytics, he needed to deliver value faster and discovered Agile. He has since been part of two agile transformations and now seeks agility beyond just IT.



Frank Forte

Frank started his career serving on nuclear powered submarines. For over 30 years, he managed software projects and programs around the world for clients such as the U.S. military and NASA. Today, Frank focuses on using agile principles to help transform organizations.



Peter Kananen

Peter is Vice President of Project Delivery at Gaslight. He tracks the happiness of teams and clients, always trying to provide just enough support and guidance to keep things headed in the right direction by applying our proven Agile approach.



Katie Pohlman

Katie Pohlman is a UX designer, front-end developer, and may be a little obsessed with her goldendoodle, Josie. Her focus is on building experiences that solve users’ problems without getting in the way. At Gaslight, she helps to create web apps that do just that.



Aaron Kopel

Aaron Kopel is the CEO of Project Brilliant and the only Certified Scrum Trainer® (CST) and Certified Enterprise Coach® (CEC) in the Midwest–1 of only 40 in the world. Aaron focuses on helping leaders optimize their organizations for increased customer value and adaptability.



Jon Jorgensen

Jon is an author, coach and trainer who pioneered the use of Open Space Agility, Enterprise Scrum, and Kanban to support organizations transforming their culture, practices, and mind-sets. Jon is a co-author of Agile Coaching: Wisdom from Practitioners.



Derek Wade

Derek W. Wade founded Kumido Adaptive Strategies in 2008 to apply principles of cognition and learning to the future of work. He is an industry-recognized speaker, coach, and educator, appearing at forums including Lean-Kanban, Science of Team Science, and the Agile Alliance.



David Horowitz

David Horowitz is CEO of Retrium, a platform for agile retrospectives. Prior to co-founding Retrium, David experienced painful retrospectives first hand as a software developer turned agile coach at The World Bank. David is married to his college sweetheart, and he is the father of three children!



Susan Evans

Agile is tough, and Susan thrives on coaching teams who are getting bumps and scrapes along the way by mending their wounds and encouraging them to continue on. As a Senior Agile Coach and Product Consultant, she has the chance to share her knowledge and experience with the goal of steering clients away from failure and closer to success.



Kirti Vaidya

Kirti Vaidya is a Business Architecture and Transformation Thought Leader/Visionary, and Strategic Partner for VPs, CTOs, & CIOs. He establishes enterprise-wide agile processes while coaching multi-million-dollar application transformation programs using an agile approach.