2018 AgileIndy Conference - May 11, 2018 - JW Mariot, Indianapolis


Robert Tipton
This year, our conference is conveniently entirely located on the third floor so you'll have more uninterrupted time to network and learn agile! Whether you want to learn about leadership, product, coaching or the latest hot topics, we've got you covered. What should you attend? Check out the schedule to see what we have to offer. Each time slot lists the speaker(s), the talk summary, and talk location. You'll also get information on registration, meals, and more.

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7:00-8:00 am: Registration and Breakfast

Join us for registration and breakfast on the third floor of the JW Marriott.

8:00-8:30 am: Opening

We want to formally welcome you to the 2018 conference and thank you for your attendance. Please join us in main presentation Room 6 for opening remarks.

8:30-9:20 am: Morning Keynote

Daniel Mezick

"Employee Engagement Models: The Secret Sauce"
Location: 6

Thriving agile programs display very high levels of employee engagement! Engagement is essential and an engagement model gets you there. The Engagement Model concept, one where employees engage during the implementation of an organizational-change initiative, has emerged in response to demand for better results from Agile. In this discussion, you can learn about this new and promising aspect of agile practice at scale.


9:35-10:25 am: Breakout Session 1

Brendan Wovchko

"Beyond Trello"
Location: 6

Many of the times you’ve seen Kanban in action, it’s been proto-Kanban. If you don’t know the difference, this talk will set things straight. Brendan illuminates the two key behaviors to unlock flow efficiency with Kanban: limiting work in progress and achieving a pull system.

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Kim Brainard

"Cultivating Relationships Through IMPROV"
Location: 7

In this highly interactive workshop, you’ll use the power of Improv to learn how to demonstrate spontaneity and creativity in a safe learning environment! You’ll learn how to align improv exercises to support your real life situations and design a scene that can help translate the lessons learned on the improv stage to your organization.


Peter Kananen

Katie Pohlman

"Lost in a Maze of Maps? Here’s a Map to Find Your Way Out!"
Location: 8

Are you lost in a maze of maps? How does your Story Map relate to your User Journey Map? What about your Product Roadmap, Outcome Map, and Empathy Map? It turns out we might just need a map to understand which map to use, and when to use it!

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Frank Forte

"Leadership: A Deeper Dive"
Location: 9

Chief Forte helps the uninitiated understand the richness of similarities between the stealthy world of submarines and how organizations can use this model to become more agile. The same level of leadership is needed in large agile initiatives that exists in submarines.


Kirti Vaidya

"Transformation Through Architecture"
Location: 10

What is the role of Business Architecture and Technology Architecture in Transformation? How does the “secret sauce” of people catalyze the journey? This talk explores case experiences with the “good, bad, and ugly” to identify patterns for success.


10:40-11:30 am: Breakout Session 2

Kim Brainard

"Breaking Barriers"
Location: 6

Has Agile brought on chaos, misalignment, and has it broken up relationships? How can we build an environment where everyone’s voice is heard? Who’s really onshore and offshore: Aren’t we all really on a shore? People practicing Agile want to be heard—regardless of gender, race, or age—because everyone should be respected and listened to. Finally, do leaders build barriers through their actions? Are they exhibiting control or is it team members who assume the barriers are there because they don’t feel empowered?


Chris Shinkle

"Building an Agile Release Plan Using Forecasting"
Location: 8

Predicting a release and sticking with it seems almost impossible. Agile should make this easier, but many still struggle. Creating a release plan often degrades into a best guess by the team or PM. Good News! There is an easier, more accurate way. Chris shares how he tackles this challenge. You’ll walk away with tools changing how you solve this problem forever.


Derek Wade

"Space Pirates! Leadership Lessons from the Future"
Location: 9

What if you could organize and motivate people to double their highest-expected productivity goals? Lessons from a large, distributed, volunteer group of online video gamers offer practical 21st-century guidance for your workplace. Even if you aren’t a gamer. Or a space pirate.


David Horowitz

"Stop Complaining and Start Learning! Retrospectives That Drive Real Change"
Location: 10

Good retrospectives rest on three pillars: people, process, and follow-through. What makes retros so hard is that you have to get all three right! Join David to explore the deep connection between retrospectives, employee engagement, and organizational improvement.


11:30 pm-12:40 pm: Lunch

Join us for a fabulous lunch to be served in Room 5.

12:40-1:30 pm: Afternoon Keynote

Robert Tipton

"Leveraging the Power in “What’s Right” not “Who’s Right”"
Location: 6

We can’t be civil nor disagree productively if we are mired in endless “I’m right, you’re wrong” debates. There’s a better way! Let’s humanize “the other,” walk a mile in their shoes, leverage the power in “What’s Right,” and stop falling prey to the toxicity of “Who’s Right.”

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1:45-2:35 pm: Breakout Session 3

Stacia Viscardi

"Failagility: The Business of Imperfection"
Location: 6

Nobody likes to fail – it’s disappointing! However, the only way for an organization to improve is for its individuals to build resilience – an ability to bounce back from disappointment with information to influence the next attempt.


Darren Terrell

Robert Kirkman

"Agileindy Lean Coffee"
Location: 7

Do you have a difficult situation? Do you have questions about agility overall or a specific practice? Have things gone off the tracks and do you need help? Have an idea that you would like to share with others? We’ll use the lean coffee method of agenda-free, democratic conversation: bring your topics and ideas for discussion and engage in conversations about agile, people, and the ways we work together! Join the experts of Agileindy in this very popular and engaging format.


Ram Santhanam

"An Illustration of Story Mapping and MVP"
Location: 8

Launching large initiatives often require understanding all the steps for providing value to customers. This talk explores a simple mapping technique for identifying a minimum viable product and determining features and stories.


John Coleman

"Leadership for Agility and Adaptiveness"
Location: 9

Leading with agility in the 21st century… Leaders look towards colleagues. Colleagues look towards leaders. Isn’t standardized copy, paste and adapt an obvious answer? Isn’t best practice an obvious answer? What can’t we do? What can we do? What must we do? How can we do it?

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Tanner Wortham

"Agile Metrics: Beyond Burndown Charts"
Location: 10

With data comes baggage. Many use metrics to prove their value-add or to show that goals are met or missed. What would happen if instead we used data to simply inspire richer conversations? Hear the story about how one organization used data to foster a culture of experimentation.

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2:50-3:40 pm: Breakout Session 4

Jessica Long

"Kaizen Land – Gamifying Stand-Up and Overcoming Anti-Patterns"
Location: 6

Learn how the gingerbread men are taking over the daily Stand-Up and forever changing the mornings of teams everywhere. Have your Stand-Ups become stale? By the end of this session, you’ll be prepared to bring this back to your team and create your own success stories.


Susan Evans

"Think You’re in an Agile Shop? Let’s Walk the Halls"
Location: 7

The easiest way to do an agile assessment is to walk the halls and attend a few meetings with teams and executives. You get a tremendous amount of insight into the culture of the company and how close they are to living by the agile principles.

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Aaron Kopel

"Multi-Team Product Ownership with LeSS"
Location: 8

Does your organization have multiple Scrum teams? Are you having trouble aligning, coordinating, and keeping stakeholders happy? Join us to learn how Product Owners can maximize customer value and adaptability through the use of Large-Scale Scrum (LeSS) and true Product Ownership.


Patrick Bogan

"Leadership in an Agile Environment"
Location: 9

Today’s agile business climate requires a special type of leader. Change is now the norm. You can’t just tell people what to do. Hear the eight principles required to be a successful agile leader.


Melissa Boggs

"Exhaustion is not a Status Symbol"
Location: 10

Together, we explore the dangers of exhaustion as a status symbol — for our organizational culture, our teams, and ourselves. Are we building fast things, or the right things? Are we making time to dream up big, new ideas and/or to build a cohesive team around our mission?


3:55-4:45 pm: Breakout Session 5

Robert Annis

"Diversity in Agile: Enabling Everyone"
Location: 6

All the way from London, England, the 2017 Agileindy keynote, Robert Annis returns! He’ll be jet-lagged but also excited to talk about diversity with Agility and why 30,000 could be the most important number you’ve ever heard of! Be intrigued…be disappointed…but be there!

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Ryan Ripley

"Breaking Bad Scrum"
Location: 7

Join Ryan Ripley–an agile leader, trainer, and coach–as he does something quite unique. He customizes his talk to the needs of session participants—gather your questions, create a backlog, and work to answer your Scrum Questions. Let’s break bad Scrum together.


Linda Podder

"A Day in the Life of a Scrum Master"
Location: 8

What does a Scrum Master do all day if a Daily Scrum is only 15 minutes? This “A Day in the Life of a Scrum Master” will explore the role beyond simple facilitation of the Sprint Ceremonies. Attendees learn four different areas of focus for a balanced approach to the role.

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Jon Jorgensen

"On Leading a Genuine Transformation: Getting There"
Location: 9

Jon draws on extensive, first-hand experience to present the misunderstandings and mis-steps organizations have historically taken, or fallen prey to. He offers key considerations and practices to correct and prevent the continued waste of large investments and social capital in futile transformation attempts. This is a highly participatory session.


M. Scott Ford

"Important Metrics for Measuring Code Health"
Location: 10

There are a bunch of different ways to measure code quality. What are the most important ones for your team to focus on? No matter what language(s) your team is working with or your role on the team, you’ll walk away from this talk with a clear guide of what to pay attention to.

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5:00-5:30 pm: Closing Remarks and Sponsor Give-Aways

Join us for closing remarks and sponsor giveaways in main presentation Room 6.

5:30-7:30 pm: Cocktail Reception

Celebrate the end of the conference with us at a cocktail reception with hor d'oeuvres in the registration area on the third floor of the JW Marriott.