2019 AgileIndy Conference - April 26, 2019 - Indianapolis Marriott Downtown

About the Conference

What is the AgileIndy Conference?

The AgileIndy Conference is an annual one-day conference put on by AgileIndy in beautiful Indianapolis, Indiana. This year’s conference marks the 7th year of the conference, and it’s going strong.

We have keynote speakers sure to inspire you and experts in agile practices giving breakout sessions about Agile concepts at all levels of expertise. You can network with other professionals in the field and check out the sponsors.

Whether you’re on a team that’s moving to Agile for the first time or a 15-year Agile veteran, you’ll come away from the conference having learned something new that you can apply to your work right away.

What can you expect at the conference?

The day starts with breakfast and networking time with over 800 of your closest Agile-enthusiast friends. In the opening session, everyone comes together for a keynote speaker in our conference hall.

After the keynote, you’ll choose among breakout sessions in five learning tracks. You will be able to check out the descriptions in the program to get an idea of which topics pique your interest the most and are more appropriate to your experience level. After that first session, you’ll do it again for the second morning session.

Next everyone goes back to the conference hall for group lunch. This is a great chance to network with your peers and decide on your favorite presentations for the three afternoon sessions. This can also be the perfect time to drop in on the vendor showcase to get freebees and enter drawings.

Right after lunch is another keynote address before the afternoon breakout sessions. With everyone’s minds full and buzzing with new ideas, the group comes together one more time for the closing session (and to announce winners in any drawings!)

Why should I go to the AgileIndy Conference?

Just in general, getting away from the grind for a day to attend a conference is good for a professional. It gives your mind a break from the minute details of your current projects and helps you take a wider view, while learning new techniques and approaches being employed by your peers in the field.

But there are also specific benefits to coming to the AgileIndy Conference for a variety of audiences:

For people new to the field:
Company just moving to Agile? We can give you a jumpstart with relevant sessions, resources you can refer to later, and networking opportunities to talk to others who have been there before.

For Agile veterans:
This is a great opportunity to network with your peers at Indianapolis’s longest-running Agile conference.

You know what you do well, but it can be hard to keep abreast of the latest trends and best practices. AgileIndy Conference is a great way to see what other people in the field are up to.

For companies:
Everyone is looking for talent and the hiring market is so tight right now. Our jobs board can get your job postings in front of over 900 conference attendees.

Staying up on the latest software offerings is a daunting challenge with all the other things you already have to do. At the AgileIndy Conference, though, you can find what companies offer Agile services right on the spot, all in one place Finding creative ways to say thank you to your employees is on many managers’ to-do list. You’ve handed out a lot of Starbucks gift cards, but rewarding employees with a day to focus on professional development shows that you’re invested in their careers.

For Agile experts:
It’s time to get some credit for your awesomeness! Be a speaker and establish your name as an Agile expert.

Share your skills with someone who needs them. Post your résumé or just peruse the posting on our jobs board to find opportunities in the Indianapolis area.

What are you waiting for?
A valuable experience awaits you at the AgileIndy Conference, so don’t delay! Get your ticket today!