Personal Agility: A Simple Framework for an Empowered Life with Maria Matarelli: An AgileIndy 2019 Keynote Speaker

AgileIndy is proud to announce Maria Matarelli as a keynote speaker for the 2019 AgileIndy conference.

Discover the keys to a truly Agile lifestyle and the power of pushing past limiting beliefs. Learn how to apply Personal Agility in your life to achieve goals you may have never thought possible. Uncover ways to identify obstacles, visualize what’s important, and focus on what really matters.

Maria Matarelli is an international business consultant, experienced Agile Coach, and Certified Scrum Trainer (CST) who consults and trains companies on reaching true agility. Maria travels to consult organizations and speak at industry conferences with locations from Shanghai to Singapore and Thailand to Nova Scotia. While looking for ways to continue to expand Agile outside IT, Maria and her team have been applying Agile to the Marketing realm with incredible results, which led to Maria co-founding the Agile Marketing Academy and Personal Agility Institute. Maria is also the Founder and President of Formula Ink, an international consulting company and is passionate about working with people and organizations to inspire agility.