Let’s Sharpen Your Agile Ax … It’s Story Splitting Time with Brian Sjoberg: An AgileIndy 2019 Conference Talk

AgileIndy is proud to announce Brian Sjoberg as a speaker for the 2019 AgileIndy conference.

Do you want to write great User Stories (a.k.a. small features that are part of a product) that provide the vehicle for conversation and confirmation that we build the right thing? Do you struggle with completing stories (of business value) that are potentially shippable within a fraction of an iteration/sprint? During this session we will do a quick refresher on User Story formatting to include Acceptance Criteria. The reason for the refresher is that over the last few years, despite people using User Stories, I have experienced their usage far from the intended purpose. After the refresher, we will learn at least 3 techniques for splitting stories in this interactive workshop.

Brian Sjoberg hails from sunny Florida where he earned his Computer Engineering degree from the University of South Florida. Go Bulls!! He is a former eXtreme Programming (XP) Java developer, turned Project Manager, turned Program Manager, turned Agile/Lean Coach. He has been living on the front lines of implementing Scrum, Kanban, and engineering best practices for the past 10 years with multiple teams. He has coached both in the commercial and government space. He is fueled with a passion to help individuals, teams, and organizations frequently deliver high quality products at a sustainable pace that customers LOVE!! He loves to help the local community connect, share, and learn by organizing the DC Scrum User Group. And loves sharing what he has learned during his professional journey and has presented at the national and local level on many topics related to Agility.