Be more agile with Continuous Integration and Deployment with Doug Janning: An AgileIndy 2019 Conference Talk

AgileIndy is proud to announce Doug Janning as a speaker for the 2019 AgileIndy conference.

Great! You’ve got your agile team humming, delivering useable code every 2 weeks. But there’s no business benefit until that code is running in production. Sure you could deploy every 2 weeks, but why wait for the end of a sprint? Agile wants fast feedback. Get it with Continuous Deployment!

Doug Janning has experienced the good, the bad, and the ugly of software development from the mainframe batch days through microservice based web development. With 6+ years as a scrum master / agile coach he has worked with dozens of teams on their agile journey. He is currently Technology Product Manager for Kroger working on their Core Platform team to enable CI/CD and Cloud Deployment.