Adventures in Agile Coaching: A Case Study in Healthcare Support Services with Alston Hodge: An AgileIndy 2019 Conference Talk

AgileIndy is proud to announce Alston Hodge as a speaker for the 2019 AgileIndy conference.

We typically think of applying Agile principles and practices within the world of software development. But how might we apply these to non-software teams, such as those providing 2nd and 3rd level healthcare support services? Attention to quality and accuracy is especially critical in a healthcare system where a small error can significantly impact the health and life of a patient. Come join the discussion about some interesting challenges and successes with coaching one of the largest faith-based healthcare systems in the US.

We’ll discuss techniques and approaches for challenges such as:

• Working in a culture of low risk tolerance, resistance to experimenting and fear of failure

• Dealing within a work environment where multi-tasking is the norm and expected

• Dealing with resistors or late adopters to Agile

• Addressing constant interruptions to teams from “shoulder taps”

• Managing Electronic Health Records (EHR) dependencies between multiple teams

The presentation will include root causes for these challenges with demonstrations of techniques and advice that can be applicable to coaching software and non-software teams.

Alston Hodge is a Certified Enterprise Coach with proven experience in a variety of industries including Insurance, Financial Services, Information Technology, Energy, Government, Healthcare and Hospitality. His extensive experience includes 15 years of enterprise and team-level coaching and training for executives, senior leaders, scrum masters, and product owners. Alston currently serve as a Senior Agile coach at SolutionsIQ, a group within Accenture.