5 effective ways to Leadershift! with Prathima Bhima: An AgileIndy 2019 Conference Talk

AgileIndy is proud to announce Prathima Bhima as a speaker for the 2019 AgileIndy conference.

Leadershift is the ability and willingness to make leadership changes that will positively enhance organizational Agility and personal growth - John C Maxwell. Many organizations have been on their Agile journey and are now facing a mid-life-like crisis. Leaders & key players in many such organizations were steadfast with Agile/SAFe/Scrum training, tuned their mindset to various Agile methodologies, hired or restructured their organizations to on-board Scrum Masters, Product Owners & Coaches and successfully activated Scrum/Kanban teams & trains. And yet, we are far from graduating our teams to boldly disrupt established kingpins (Amazon/Google/Tesla/Facebook) off their market share! Join me for an informative overview on 5 ways your organization can effectively Leadershift to true Agility.

Prathima Bhima, IT/Enterprise Coach Prathima is a highly driven delivery-oriented and customer-focused Agile Transformation Architect. She’s passionate about continuous improvement, need for automation and effectively translating business requirements to IT. Prathima has worked with many IT teams on complex, cross-functional, matrix-managed, multi-million dollar projects. She’s an expert in managing waterfall, agile, and “agile-fall” teams and processes, vendor and offshore team management and successfully implementing industry best practices. She has worked in a breadth of industries and has depth of experience across multiple languages, test methodologies, databases, environments, and cultures.