The Agileindy Conference Welcomes Speaker Melissa Boggs


Melissa Boggs is an Enterprise Agile Coach and Trainer. She has been embracing agile principles and practices for over 10 years and is a Certified Enterprise Coach (CEC).

Since 2001, Melissa has embraced experiences in leadership, business, and product development. Her work with applying agile principles spans executive teams, software teams, marketers, and educators in multiple domains. Operating at the intersection of culture and agility, Melissa blends her business background and education with an intuitive coaching sense to help clients discover new paths and opportunities. She leverages facilitation techniques, lessons from improv, and deep listening to "lower the water line" of the culture iceberg.

In her "Exhaustion is not a Status Symbol" presentation, you'll explore, with Melissa, the dangers of exhaustion as a status symbol -- for our organizational culture, our teams, and ourselves. Are we building fast things, or the right things? Are we making time to dream up big, new ideas and/or to build a cohesive team around our mission?

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