The Agileindy Conference Welcomes Keynote Speaker, Robert Tipton

Robert Tipton, CEO of Team Tipton, believes in the VAST goodness of humanity (a few aberrations aside), and reflects this in his work as high-energy, innovative, and insightful transformational change architect, leadership facilitation, keynote speaker, and authoring. At the upcoming Agileindy conference, he'll present "“The Power in ‘What’s Right’ and not ‘Who’s Right." He believes that we flat out waste too much time mired in debates on who's right, in bickering, politicking, and posturing and that most of these efforts still fall short. We can all do a much better job treating each other with dignity and respect. This powerful will share a simple, profound secret: If we humanize “the other” by listening first and truly walking a mile in someone else’s shoes, we leverage the power in “What’s Right” rather than the toxicity of “Who’s Right”--and we can transform the world around us. Plan on rethinking and reimagining your leadership style! Check him out on YouTube.

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