Board Member Nominees: September 2017

AgileIndy has seen tremendous growth over the past year. With 2 monthly meetings between the northside and downtown and an annual conference that takes the entire year to plan, The AgileIndy Board has decided to expand by 2 board members. In accordance with our bylaws, one will be a board nominated board member and the other will be voted by the members of AgileIndy.

See the list of Nominees below and click on each nominee's name to view their bio and application questions. Board voting will take place in person at both the northside and downtown meetings in September. See for specific dates and meeting details. You must attend in person at one of these meetings to vote. Each member may only vote once between the two locations.

Winner to be announced by October meetings.

Todd Adams

James Black

Chris Daily

Kristin Enyart

Robert Kirkman

Ken Kitts

Mitchell Malloy

Paula Ryan

Jon Sturm

Darren Terrell

Janice Weeks

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