About Us

What is AgileIndy?

AgileIndy is a user group devoted to raising awareness and acceptance of agile practices, and providing a leading local forum to support a community of practitioners.

Our meetings provide opportunities for networking and sharing topics related to agile methodologies and provide an open forum for collaboration and knowledge sharing.

Our Annual Conference Event held in downtown Indianapolis has sold out and grown every year since the first one was held in 2013.  At our 2016 conference, we hosted 500+ attendees, sponsors and speakers from around the world to learn, share, and collaborate in our all day event.  For our 2017 conference, we plan to host 600+ attendees and add even more great features to our one-day event!

For more information on AgileIndy, please contact info@agileindy.org.

1389 W 86th ST #229
Indianapolis, IN 46260


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