Agileindy Board Member Election Will Be Held in July 2018

AgileIndy has seen steady growth since its inception in 2011. The meetup member list is over 1,400. With the growth of our monthly meetings that now average between 70-100 attendees on the Northside (held on the second Wednesday of each month), and between 40 and 60 attendees (on the third Tuesday of each month) in downtown Indianapolis, as well as the growth of our annual conference that held over 800 attendees this year, the Agileindy Board is required to fill an available board member position to maintain the full seven-member board.

Elections for a new member-selected board member will take place at the Agileindy meetings on July 11 (Northside) and July 17 (downtown) with the selection announced at the July 17 meeting.

Member nominated candidates for the July 2018 election include;

- James Black
- Chris Daily
- Elizabeth Friend
- Ken Kits
- Travis Lynch

You can see the candidates and read about them at the Agileindy website. Head on over to the nominee page. Then come and vote for your candidate during our July meetings.

Please direct any questions to any current board member or email at