AgileIndy Welcomes Keynote Speaker Robert Annis

annis-bio-picRobert is the Director of Training Services for the Eliassen Group and teaches a wide range of Agile topics and classes, both nationally and globally. His classes include ICAgile Coaching, Introductions to Agile and Management Workshops -- all the way to coaching/mentoring C-level Exec teams.

This exposure gives him a unique viewpoint reflected in his talk “The Maturity of Agile,” where he seeks to enlighten, embolden and engage. Where are we in this Agile evolution? What are the problems and solutions and where is Agile going next? At the core of its nature, Agile refers to feedback loops: Inspect and Adapt and continuous improvement, etc. As we analyze how we work and how successful we are, we must utilize this feedback. This talk not only discusses some of that feedback but acts as a lightning rod: As we make Agile our path, say we are being Agile, versus doing Agile gives us a teachable moment. But we can do Agile more of the time.   @TheAgileShark

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