2017 Board Member Nominee: Kristin Enyart

Kristin Enyart

Manager, Systems Development

Indiana Farm Bureau Insurance

How many Agile Indy events have you attended in the last 12 months?:

I have lived my entire life in Indiana. I grew up in Kokomo, where my parents still live, and I moved to Indy for work in the late 90’s. I studied Political Science in college and wanted to change the world, but I decided that I need to get a job first. So, I took a job in IT as a COBOL programmer (it's OK to laugh), and I’ve continued to work 20 years in IT.

I generally change work roles every few years and have done Web Development, Project Management, and People Management. I first served as a ScrumMaster at ITT Tech as we transitioned our application development from waterfall to Scrum. I earned my CSM and CSPO from Bearded Eagle.

Currently, I am an IT Manager at Indiana Farm Bureau where we are still transforming and building our Agile disciplines. I live on the southeast side of town and have one teenage daughter. I am active in several Meetup groups as well as doing some local volunteer work and political activism.

Why do you want to join the Agile Indy board?:
I’ve been integral to Scrum implementations at two work places. I somewhat miss being a ScrumMaster and working intimately with a team every day, and I don’t have as much opportunity to learn and experiment with Agile practices. However, I do see being Agile as necessary to long-term success. We update our business strategies, products, technology, etc., and being Agile is how we extend that modernization to our staff, process, and culture. Being part of the AgileIndy board would be a way for me to continue to evolve in a way that can benefit my organization as well as to contribute back to the Agile community in Indianapolis.

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