2017 Board Member Nominee: Jon Sturm

Jon Sturm

Services Director


How many Agile Indy events have you attended in the last 12 months?:

As an expert in ADM best practices (SDLC and ITSM), a PMP, and a SAFe Agilist, I bring nearly 20 years of application portfolio and lifecycle management consulting and delivery experience. I led a global practice organization with 12 direct reports across North America and India and over 250 team members delivering ADM services.

Why do you want to join the Agile Indy board?:
Until recently, my position required significant travel, which conflicted with events. With my new position and zero travel expectations, I am able to add back to the community and promote Agile principles locally. I'm excited about how Agile principles can benefit more than just software development...

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